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Celebrating 100 years of WBro Harold Rutter PPSGW

Monday 11th August 2014 was an important night in the history of Derwent Lodge and special for one man in particular and indeed for anyone lucky enough to be present on this marvelous occasion.

On the 31st January 2014 the Lodge received a Dispensation from the Provincial

Grand Master to hold an emergency meeting  on Monday the 11th August 2014 to celebrate 100 years of WBro Harold Rutter PPSGW the Lodge’s oldest and longest serving member.  Harold reached his 100th birthday on Sunday 10th August 2014 and the Lodge wished to celebrate this outstanding achievement.  The Lodge sent out their summons, advertising this emergency meeting, and were delighted when 70 Brethren indicated their desire to join together to celebrate Harold’s centenary. Among the Brethren present were the Provincial Grand Master, Norman Eric Heaviside, and the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, George Clark, who had visited the Lodge as recently as Monday 23rd December 2013, when he presented Harold with a certificate congratulating him on 60 years continuous service to Derwent Lodge.

After the Worshipful Master WBro Keith Walker had opened the Lodge and the Secretary had read the dispensation for the meeting, the Director of Ceremonies WBro Ken Cook asked the ‘Guard of Honour’ consisting of Harold’s good friends, Colin Urwin, Ronnie Noble, Winston Ridley and Edwin Stanger to retire. After a few moments the Brethren were re-admitted accompanying the man of the moment and guest of honour, Harold Rutter to a thunderous standing ovation by the Brethren present. The Director of Ceremonies then walked the floor of the Lodge to collect Harold and present him to the Worshipful Master, informing the Brethren that Harold was the Director of Ceremonies, when he was initiated into the Lodge, in 1981, and he was scared of Harold at that time, to which Harold quipped back that he knew the feeling as he was scared of the DC now!


Harold was presented to the Master, who congratulated him on his milestone anniversary, informing him that he would be honoured if Harold would take the chair of Derwent Lodge once again. Harold graciously accepted this honour and the Director of Ceremonies called on the Brethren to offer suitable salutation to the centenarian, to which Harold thanked them for the warmth of their welcome.

After calling upon the Brethrens generosity in the way of a collection in aid of Masonic Charity, Harold closed the Lodge in true Director of Ceremonies fashion, not missing a beat or a word!

The Brethren were once again asked to be upstanding, in order to receive the other special guest of the evening, Harold’s daughter Margaret Rutter, there to share in her father’s extra special evening. After photographs the Brethren and Margaret adjourned downstairs to the Festive Board.

After occupying the Chair of the Lodge, Harold also added a first, as he became the first official user of the new stair lift that had been installed by the Lodge in the Masonic Hall, so that members who found stairs a challenge were able to get from the ground floor to the Lodge room on the first floor and to the Banquet room and bar on the lower ground floor. It is hoped that this chair lift will aid brethren who are infirm attend their Lodge meetings. Also in recognition of this auspicious anniversary the new toilets on the ground floor were named after Harold. They would be known as the “Harold Rutter Centenary Restrooms” for the foreseeable future.

65 brethren joined Harold and his daughter, Margaret, for an excellent Festive Board of Harold’s favourites. These dishes were thoroughly enjoyed by all the Brethren present. On the completion of the meal the Immediate Past Master of Derwent Lodge, Dr. Paul Mundell, stood to deliver the toast to the special guest, by outlining his life and achievements, both personal and Masonically.  Paul also read an email from Peter Kipps, President of the River Lodges Association. In the email he wishes Harold a Happy Birthday and informed him that the greeting was also posted to their Twitter account reaching 18,500 followers.

At the completion of the toasts and being a Birthday Party after all, the birthday boy received his presents and a fabulous birthday cake on behalf of the Lodge and his many friends, before being visibly moved as the Brethren stood and sang Happy Birthday to him. In his reply Harold thanked everyone for coming, but felt overwhelmed by the turnout. He thanked the Brethren of the Lodge for their friendship over the years and Margaret, well just for being there!

At 10pm Harold and his daughter took their leave, mentioning that even at the age of 100 years old he still needed his beauty sleep! He left to a standing ovation!

All of the Brethren present on this magnificent occasion had spent the evening in the company of a very special man and Mason and a true gentleman in every sense of the word!



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