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110 Years in Freemasonary

50 Years WBro Joseph Leslie Laverick & 60 Years WBro Harold Rutter

The Provincial Depution50 Years in Freemasonry is a special occasion for any Brother, 60 years is even more remarkable; combine the two together and present certificates for each on the same night is wonderful occasion.

And so it was at the Christmas meeting of our Lodge when a Provincial Deputation led by the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, VWBro  George Clark  PGSwdB attended to present two certificates for two incredible landmarks. Celebrating 50 years was WBro Les Laverick and 10 years his senior in Masonic terms was WBro Harold Rutter.

WBro Les Laverick was initiated into Derwent Lodge on the 18th December 1963, passed to the Degree of a Fellowcraft on the 25th March 1964, and raised to the sublime Degree of a Master Mason on the 26th June 1964. He was Installed as Master of the Lodge on the 24th October 1979 and appointed to Provincial rank PPAGDC in 1988.  He was a Founder Member of Derwent RA Chapter on the 18th March 1978.

He was proposed by WBro James Halkier, the local chemist, and seconded by his father, Bro Robert Laverick. In remembrance of their father, Les, his brother Robert, who was also a member of the Lodge, and another brother Tommy, who was a member of St Luke’s Lodge No. 6564 in Wallsend, donated the Volume of the Sacred Law which is in regular use in Derwent Lodge and has seen many a Brethren Initiated and many a Master Installed in its years.

50 Year Presentation

After the Lodge had been opened in due form and the Deputation had been admitted and the usual salutation given, VWBro George Clarke  the Deputy Provincial Grand Master then had the pleasant  duty of presenting a certificate for WBro Les Laverick to mark 50 years service. Sadly WBro Les could not be present to receive his certificate due to failing health.  VWBro Clark then gave details of his working career and Masonic achievements and informed the Brethren that he has been a valuable servant to the Lodge over his many years service. The certificate was presented to the WM WBro Keith Walker  for the Lodge’s very own deputation to present it to him personally at the Manor House Nursing Home in Whickam where he now resides.

WBro Harold Rutter PPSGW was initiated into Derwent Lodge No 4250 on the 23rd December 1952 his 10th wedding anniversary, past to the Degree of a Fellowcraft on the 24th March 1954 and raised to the Sublime Degree of a Master Mason on the 23rd June 1954. He was proposed by WBro Fred Cowan’s brother, Bro George Cowan, and seconded by Octavius “Ockie” Nevin (the local bookie).
He was installed Master of the Lodge in October 1970 and appointed to Provincial rank PPJGD in1980 and promoted to PPSGW in 2004. Harold was DC for 9 years from 1975 – 84. From 1990 to 2011, for the purpose of Installation, Harold was IG 6 times, JW 3 times and SW 10 times (a fine achievement). He has given the Traditional history on more occasions than we can remember, and most recently in June 2010 and February 2011. He was exalted into Royal Arch Masonry on the 10th October 1979.

Presentation of 60 Year Certificate

VWBro George Clark then presented the certificate to mark 60 years service and invited WBro  Harold to join him in the centre of the Lodge, sitting facing each other in a relaxed format when they reminisced on a truly magnificent Masonic and working career.  He told the Brethren that he had been actively involved in Freemasonry before he even knew it, once a month, one of his school teachers, in his last year at school used to task him with folding paper in to envelopes, attaching labels, envelopes he later found out contained Lodge Summons, it turned out his teacher had been assistant Secretary of his Lodge and by default he was Assistant to the Assistant Secretary before he was ever Initiated. He also informed the Brethren that he had been actively involved in the 2nd World War as a Gunner in the Navy. VWBro Clarke then congratulated him on a wonderful Masonic career and wished him more happy years in Freemasonry. WBro Rutter then presented a cheque for £300.00 to VWBro Clark which is to be credited to Durham Benevolence and thanked him for the presentation and the Brethren for making it such a memorable occasion. VWBro Clark then thanked WBro Rutter for the most generous cheque.

60 Year Presentation

Personalised Cake

At the Festive Board that followed WBro DavidRailson PAGSwdB gave a moving tribute and toast to WBro Harold and presented him with an inscribed Carriage Clock, WBro Ian Campbell PProvJGD SW then presented him with a Personalised Christmas Cake showing Harold in his Regalia with Masonic Symbols. WBro Harold responded to the toast and thanked the Lodge for the presentation helping to make it such a memorable occasion for him and he looks forward to many more happy times ahead.

On the 9th January 2014 the WM and a deputation of Dewent Brethren made a special visit to Manor House Nursing Home, his wife Dorothy and his daughter Dianne were also present. The WM WBro Keith Walker then read out and presented WBro Les with his 50 Year Certificate and thanked him for his service to the Lodge over the years. WBro Dr Paul Mundell then gave details of his Masonic achievements over the years and presented him with a book on the “History of Chopwell”. The Secretary Bro Winston Ridley then presented his wife Dorothy with a bouquet of flowers and thanked her for all the work that she had done for the Lodge Social Evenings. Everyone  had a wonderfull afternoon together and enjoyed the afternoon tea which was very kindly provided by the Home.  WBro Les’s wife Dorothy thanked everyone for making the afternoon so special for the family.



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